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TrackItAll™ is a proudly South African business that has created a digital platform which allows us to interact with sensors globally in order to Track, Monitor and Measure devices, allowing us to collect data on a common dashboard for real-time analytics. This data allows us to react accordingly, creating efficiencies and minimising wastage such as time, money and resources.

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While IOT (Internet of Things), may seem like a modern term, it has in fact been around for approximately 30 years but was previously known as Telemetry. Traditional telemetry was based on using proprietary equipment which generally required line of sight or GSM to carry the data and was very expensive to setup, install and maintain.

With the progression of data carriers like Satellite, SIGFOX. LoRa, Bluetooth, RFID and Wireless, and having the ability to run devices off battery and not requiring 220v mains power, solutions are becoming more affordable for the average consumer.

TrackItAll™ has a bouquet of products for all sectors and is ready for your call. We offer both off the shelf and tailor-made solutions allowing for full integration and data flow into clients heart beat applications or presenting all data to our single TrackItAll™ App.


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